Where Can I Watch Sonic 2


Are you looking for a place to watch Sonic 2? You're in luck! Sonic 2 is available to watch in several different places, so you won't have to worry about not being able to find a place to watch it. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best places to watch Sonic 2, so you can get the most out of your viewing experience.

If you're looking to watch Sonic 2, one of the best places to do so is on YouTube. YouTube offers a wide variety of Sonic 2 videos, from playthroughs to speedruns. You can find a variety of channels dedicated to the game, as well as fan-made videos. You can also watch highlight reels and other videos that will give you an introduction to the game. YouTube is a great way to get the most out of Sonic 2 without having to own the game yourself.

Another great place to watch Sonic 2 is on streaming platforms such as Twitch. Twitch also offers a variety of Sonic 2 content, from live streams of people playing the game to speedruns and other special events. The chat feature on Twitch is also a great way to interact with other Sonic 2 fans and get tips and tricks on how to play the game. Twitch is also a great way to watch Sonic 2 tournaments and other events, so you can stay up to date on the game.

Finally, you can also watch Sonic 2 on DVD and Blu-ray. If you're looking for the highest quality version of the game, then buying a physical copy is the way to go. You can find plenty of special editions and other versions of the game, as well as a variety of bonus material and other goodies. This is a great way to really immerse yourself in the Sonic 2 universe and get the most out of it.

No matter where you choose to watch Sonic 2, you're sure to have an enjoyable time. Whether you prefer to watch it on YouTube, Twitch, or on DVD, there are plenty of great ways to enjoy Sonic 2. So if you're looking to watch Sonic 2, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Where Can I Watch Sonic 2 Free

You can watch Sonic 2 for free on the official SEGA YouTube page, which includes full playthroughs of the game. Additionally, the popular streaming service Twitch hosts an extensive library of playthroughs of Sonic 2, from casual gamers to speedrunners.

Many ROM sites also offer downloads of Sonic 2, allowing you to play the game on an emulator. However, downloading ROMs is considered piracy and is not recommended.

If you're looking to play Sonic 2 on the go, the game is available for purchase on mobile stores for iOS and Android devices, and is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

Where Can I Watch Sonic 2 In Spanish

Los fanáticos de Sonic the Hedgehog ahora pueden disfrutar de la continuación de la aclamada franquicia. Sonic 2 está disponible para ver en línea en español. La película de animación de acción y aventura fue lanzada en noviembre de 2020 y sigue las aventuras de Sonic, el personaje principal, en su lucha contra el malvado Dr. Robotnik. La película cuenta con las voces de Ben Schwartz como Sonic, James Marsden como Tom Wachowski y Jim Carrey como el Dr. Robotnik.

Los fanáticos interesados en ver Sonic 2 pueden encontrar la película en línea en servicios como Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video o en algunos canales de televisión por cable. Estos servicios ofrecen subtítulos en español para aquellos usuarios que prefieren ver la película en su lengua materna. Además, los usuarios también pueden comprar el Blu-Ray o el DVD de Sonic 2 para disfrutar de la película en un formato físico.

Sonic 2 es una película que seguramente alegrará a los fanáticos y les brindará horas de diversión. Si buscas una película divertida, entretenida y llena de acción, Sonic 2 es la opción perfecta para ti. ¡No pierdas la oportunidad de verla en español!

Where Can I Watch Sonic 2 In Canada

Canadians looking to watch Sonic 2 can do so on a variety of platforms. Sonic 2 is available to stream on streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Crave, Apple TV+, and Disney+. In addition, Sonic 2 is available to rent or purchase through digital stores such as iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.

Alternatively, viewers can purchase physical DVDs of Sonic 2 from retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.ca. Sonic 2 can also be seen on Canadian television channels such as YTV and Teletoon.

Where Can I Watch Sonic 2 In Theaters

If you're looking to watch Sonic 2 in theaters, you might be out of luck. The movie was originally released in November of 2020 and is now available to rent or purchase on various digital platforms.

However, if you're lucky enough to live near a theater that is still showing Sonic 2, you may be able to catch the movie on the big screen. To find out if the movie is still playing at a theater near you, check out movie theater websites and apps, such as Fandango, to find out if any locations in your area are still showing the film.

It is also possible to locate Sonic 2 screenings at special fan events and film festivals. For example, the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Marathon in February 2021 included screenings of Sonic 2 at select theaters across the US. Check the websites for these events and film festivals to find out if they have any upcoming screenings of Sonic 2.

Whether you're able to catch Sonic 2 in theaters or only able to watch it on a digital platform, it's sure to be an exciting movie experience. Enjoy!

Where Can I Watch Sonic 2 At Home

If you're looking to watch Sonic 2 at home, you have a few options. The game is available to purchase digitally on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is also available to purchase from the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo eShop, as well as through various online retailers.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, you can rent Sonic 2 from a variety of streaming services. Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, and YouTube are all great choices. The game is also available to rent through Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo eShop.

Finally, if you have a subscription to a gaming service such as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now, you can stream Sonic 2 from the comfort of your own home. Both services offer a large library of games for a small monthly fee.

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Watch Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers: Stream MLB live, TV - How to Watch and Stream Major League & College Sports - Sports Illustrated. How to Watch Braves at Dodgers: Stream MLB Live,. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a platform game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis console, released worldwide in November It is the second main entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and introduced Sonic's sidekick, Miles "Tails" Prower, controllable by a second player. He has enhanced speed and abilities, and is capable of using a new set of special moves. Eastern) and will be live streamed on fubo TV, which offers a free trial. August 15, 2023 Sophia Williams. Preview. F1 Unlocked. FAQ. Here is how and when you can watch all the action unfold from the Temple of Speed.

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How To Watch Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Streaming And Showtimes.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 joins the ever-increasing line-up of 'SEGA Forever', a treasure trove of SEGA console classic games brought to life on mobile for the first time! FEATURES. Where i can watch Sonic Boom season 2? I watched the whole season 1, but i cant find season 2 anywhere on netflix or other sites. TV Channel: FOX. : Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie The Tornado Biplane Playset [with Sonic & Tails Mini Figures] : Toys & Games. Line Stream: fuboTV ( Start your free trial) Northern Iowa at Iowa State. Line Stream: fuboTV ( Start your free trial) Colorado at TCU. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is streaming first on Paramount Plus. The movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures, which is owned by the same parent company as Paramount Plus.

Sonic 2 Retro Remix : Thorn : Free Download, Borrow, And Streaming

Sonic 2 Retro Remix is a large-scale ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive, created by Thorn and DNXDelta. The goal of the project is to create a 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game that requires exploration to progress, as well as the requisite platforming and sheer speed. New York CNN — Fans of sports and other Disney offerings are going to have to do without on one of the nation's largest cable providers. The 12th-ranked Tennessee. Friday Night Funkin' VS PIRACY SONIC | Secret Anti-Piracy Sonic for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. In this game, a new friend was introduced by the name of "Tails". Buffalo Game Info. Stadium: Camp Randall Stadium. TV. Preview. Location: Madison, Wisconsin.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Ben 10 Transforming into Sonic the Hedgehog | Fan Made Short Film. The world's favorite blue hedgehog is back for a next-level adventure in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG After settling in Green Hills, Sonic. Watch College Football on Fubo! Alabama vs. Middle Tennessee Betting Info. Spread Favorite: Alabama (-39.5) Moneyline: Alabama (-10000), Middle Tennessee (+1850) Total: 52 points.

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Desc: Fala Players. Mais uma nostalgia pra nós. Sonic Hedgehog 2 É considerado o melhor jogo do sonic classico. ( Na minha humilde opinião eu acho o melhor) E eu com tanta saudade desse jogo incrível hoje trago todos os boss desse jogo inesquecível e epico do nosso querido mega drive! me sigam nas minhas redes sociais @robode19 em todas! se inscreve e deixa seu like. comenta ai se voce jogou esse jogo. #Sonic2 #sonic #MegaDrive #Boss
CC: [Music] [Applause] [Music] w [Music] [Music] w [Music] a [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Applause] [Music] d [Music] w [Music] [Music] w [Music] [Applause] [Music] e [Music] [Applause] [Music] a n [Applause] [Music] w w [Music] [Music] w a [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] aahah [Music] w [Music] a [Music] [Music] w right
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Caption : Ryan Pretend Plays Sonic 2 with Tails and Knuckles
Desc: This is an ad for Paramount’s new movie, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. See it in theatres everywhere on April 8th. Join Sonic and Tails as they embark on a journey to find a mystical, civilization-destroying emerald before Dr. Robotnik & Knuckles do. It’s an exciting race against time, and they gotta go fast before it falls into the wrong hands! #SonicMovie2 Facebook: www.facebook.com/sonicmovie Twitter: twitter.com/sonicMovie/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/sonicmovie/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/sonicmovie © 2022 Paramount Pictures and Sega of America. Inc.
CC: this is an ad for paramount's new movie sonic the hedgehog 2. oh hi guys i'm so bored today what should i do oh what's that whoa this is so cool is it what i think it is wait a minute am i sonic the hedgehog quick stretch little snack and here we go [Applause] check this out time to test out my super speed looks like touching the ring turned me into sonic the hedgehog i wonder where this goes only one way to find out today's forecast calls for 100 chance of adventure and here we go get your heart out where am i i'm in the himalayas there's another sonic ring on top of that mountain let's go get that ring but first quick stretch [Music] okay now let's go get that ring [Music] ah it doesn't look like my super speed powers are gonna get me high enough to reach past that summit oh man what am i gonna do looks like someone needs a little help hope i'm not too late i'm sorry who are you names tails hi sonic who are you names tale you can fly with that thing you said you needed help i hope i'm not too late here's what we gotta do can you fly up there with your tail to get me that ring oh of course i think so no problem watch me sonic be right back all right guys we gotta get sonic his ring well it's really really really really high up there come on keep going forward it's a big rock in the way okay we got this we're so close come on just a little bit more got it all right guys let's bring this ring back to sonic here you go sonic i told you i can deliver your ring wow i guess together everyone can achieve more wanna be my sidekick i have another ring to find yeah what are we waiting for let's go [Music] snowmaker oh boy oh sonic uh where do you think we are at i think we're in hawaii but in a volcano in the hawaii but it's surrounded by a whole bunch of lava lava what are you gonna do i have a plan whoa got it remember tails stick to the plan you fly over the lava and get the ring got it okay it'll be easy what no what are we gonna do who put a button in the middle of a volcano i gotta find a way to free tails daddy no i'm knuckle you rock some kind of space porcupine i am an echidna warrior this trap was supposed to capture the blue blur that sonic the hedgehog not you ha i guess i have to use my own hand or knuckles to capture you step one some light taunting you can't get me step two i have no idea but i gotta try something here goes [Music] [Applause] thanks sonic okay now let's get that ring and this time don't press any buttons it's a good idea okay just a little bit more to get to the ring over the lavas just don't look down don't look down almost there come on thanks tails time for me to go home bye oh looks like i'm back to my normal self [Music] brian there you are i've been looking all over for you sorry i just got caught up hanging with some new friends well i have our tickets to go watch sonic the hedgehog too it's time to leave for the theater oh no we don't have no time to get there i'm ready to go now but we gotta go fast come on family we gotta go let's go here you and your kids can see sonic the hedgehog 2 in theaters april 8th this was an ad for paramount's new movie sonic the hedgehog 2.
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Caption : Reacting to SONIC 2 Movie Trailer with TAILS!
Desc: Reacting to the NEW Sonic 2 Movie with Tails and Knuckles!! Instagram - {link} Twitter - {link} Discord - {link} #Reaction #Sonic2 #Movie
CC: sonic the hedgehog 2 2022 official trailer paramount pictures i'm excited to react to more movie trailers for you guys if you guys are liking them because they're all going to get copyrighted they're all going to be kind of short because it's only a two minute trailer so hope you guys enjoy this if you could drop a like subscribe down below show a little bit of love because this is all for you guys okay now let me know if you want to see more reactions to movie trailers i have not seen this trailer i don't know when it comes out like i know it's 20 22 but i don't know exactly when so maybe to tell us sonic 2 the height wait whoa whoa i couldn't get that out the hedgehog let's see what they did let's see what they did i see what they did it says trailer starts now but if you look at the two it's in the tells color and it's got like tails on it oh yeah quick stretch little snack oh my god and here we go oh a chili dog oh that sounds so quick stretch little snack oh it's so cheesy sonic i love that you want to help make a difference are you being reckless don't worry nobody okay okay okay wait a second pretending to be batman ah you're still just a kid oh wait he's still a kid sonic the hedgehog so he hasn't even became an adult hedgehog yet oh this is awesome that's me there will come a moment when you're powered this is awesome i even got into the the deep part of the trailer yet needed but you don't holy that moment chooses you i just got goosebumps wait a second did you steal that from oprah oh this is sick oh yeah papa's got a brand new stash oh that is a mustache worth looking at talking about and having an entire dinner over gone i discovered the source of he he's looking at him in the eyes you can't look at somebody in the eyes and they got a mustache like how do you look anywhere else but the mustache ultimate power all the chaos oh they didn't have that last time since i've been gone oh and it's green oh yes are they gonna have multiple sonics because of multiple chaos oh it looks so beautiful oh my it's been on my vision board for years yes okay what how do they this is when they first meet this is what we're gonna do step one like taunting step two i have no idea my god this one might be better than the first one the action with tails and the oh it looks so good oh my god i'm so excited that wasn't too bad oh today's forecast calls for a 100 pull the mustache hold on hold on who was that was that tails in him the mustache moving oh my god look at these guys it looks so good [Music] and that's all the case [Music] look at how i got it wait look at it man the only thing they're missing for dr eggman is he's not a big dude like it's jim carrey and jim carrey like dr eggman's a big boy but he's got all the machines the rockets and everything face it you're never going to get my power oh my god no they didn't no they didn't look i really thought they were gonna they were just gonna make like a sonic three and then knuckles was gonna come along or come along then maybe sonic four and then amy and then you know so on i don't know how many they could have done but honestly they could make ten sonic movies in a row and i swear i'm watching all of them get my power he got knuckles in there oh my god do i look like i need your power his voice where are my manners sonic meat knuckles wait am i lost because i thought knuckles was on my side [Music] oh he probably met knuckles before me convinced knuckles to think that i was the bad guy oh my gosh are they going to show knuckles at the end of the movie april 8th oh yes this one looks better than the first one i'm excited let me know if you guys are excited in the comments below drop that like subscribe i will see you guys on the next video
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Caption : Hidden Clues About SONIC 3 In SONIC 2
Desc: Hidden Clues About SONIC 3 In SONIC 2 Subscribe for more! ► {link} Welcome back to The Trends and to a new fun video about everybody’s favorite blue alien, Sonic: The Hedgehog! And yes, he’s an alien, remember’ The only thing is, in this universe, the alien races cross the space using (magic?) rings that can open instant portals. Really convenient, if you ask us. Anyway, as we wait for the third installment of this super-fun saga we are going to walk you through all the hidden clues about Sonic 3 In Sonic 2! Yeap! We’re that eager about having a complete trilogy… TRENDING PLAYLISTS YOU SHOULD SEE --------------------------------- Voice Actors ► {link} Secrets You Missed ► {link} Things You Missed ► {link} Endings Explained ► {link} OUR FRIENDS ----------- ShowFlick ► {link} Cast IRL ► {link} Everything BTS ► {link} The Revealer ► {link} DISCLAIMER: Any video and images used belong to the respective copyright holder and are used under fair use rules for the purpose of criticism and review.
CC: okay everybody take it easy i'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for whatever my friend said or did welcome back to the trends into a new fun video about everybody's favorite blue alien sonic the hedgehog and yeah he's an alien remember the only thing in this universe the alien races across the space using magic rings that can open instant portals really convenient if you ask us anyways as we wait for the third installment of this super fun sega we are gonna walk you through all the hidden clues about sonic 3 and sonic 2. yeah we're that eager about having a complete trilogy so let's begin it's time to say goodbye to this piece of [ __ ] hockey planet let's begin with something that even the movie seems to forget about the mysterious soldiers who come through the portal with knuckles you do remember that too right we aren't just imagining things here at the very beginning of the film after robotna gets tired of his horrible experiments with mushroom coffee in the mushroom planet we see him light an interstellar beacon that ends up attracting knuckles from well from wherever he comes that bit is not really clear and what isn't clear either is who the heck are these three soldiers that come with him they aren't mentioned after that scene not even acknowledged and knuckles certainly isn't too talkative about his previous allegiances or about anything basically if we put the emerald and the echidnas aside of course so who are these guys a kidness it doesn't seem to make sense since tails calls knuckles elastity and kidnez as if that were his long time allies across the universe could these soldiers be some members of another alien race the movie has a great opportunity of expansion here and we all need the answers about them of course [Music] all right mustache you want me come and get me do you remember longlaw's appearance in the movie right she is there only in her hologram form to give sonic a final message she tells sonic protecting the emerald was my sacred duty and now i must pass that responsibility to you so our little blue boy has to grow up and take care of that thing and we really hope he does a better job than what we see in the end sonic 2 when he forgets the magical stone on his way to get some ice cream sounds like the owls and echidnas have been fighting each other for centuries like vin diesel and the rock knuckles and tails tells us the story of two tribes two order of heroes who protect the galaxy from those who would use the emerald for evil but they have all passed on to the great battleground in the sky inspired by a long claws mission for him song proposes the creation of a new order that starts right here with the three of them and as knuckles says this is no light task they must make a vow to use their powers to keep the universe safe to watch out for each other a new tribe this is a very moving moment that really sets emotion a good start for the next movie but like we said they do a better job of taking care of that thing i miss you long claw trying to make you proud let's put it this way we don't believe long claw is the last of the babylonians yeah that's the name of the owl race pretty shocking huh as a matter of fact we need a lot of answers regarding long claw and the owl tribe because after knuckles a rendition of the events around the creation of the emerald longclaw's story and her connection to sonic sound a little sketchy if knuckles is telling the truth then it means the owls stole the emerald and the travel across the space to build this series of awesome temples and hideouts in planet earth so the answer arises are they really extinct or are they just building more things that remain hidden in this planet waiting for their return we think that these clues point to a possible appearance of the babylonians in sonic 3 or at least we'd like to see that happen another bad joke i lost everything because of you you may have heard about the narrative clues in hints and movies right we talk about them sometimes and there's a big one in knuckles monologues about his father he's in the middle of retelling of the emerald war sharing his infancy memories but my father stopped me from joining the fight he said my moment to honor our tribe would come but it was not this moment those were the last words he spoke to me i never saw him again and that my friends is how you insert a narrative clue they might have told us knuckles is the last of the echidnas but those are just empty words tales here somewhere the truth might be deeper more complex than that and this could totally be indicative of something they will develop in sonic 3 making the father return and who knows maybe even connecting this with the mysterious soldiers from the beginning destroy the hedgehog okay okay we all saw robotnik die when supersonic defeated the giant robot except that we didn't and if we have learned something from the movies is that when we don't explicitly and without a doubt see a character die then the character is not dead and they are saving him for future projects we have a lots of examples of marvel's mcu more recently in that time that we didn't see the scarlet witch die wink wink oh no i wasn't supposed to read the wing part anyways if you take a closer look at that scene robotnik doesn't even look worried in his honor of demise he's evidently alive and well at least while the robot is collapsing and we never really see him die even his last words sound like mockery no goodbyes no regrets no final monologue just a clownish later hater that seems to make fun of sonic and promise a return to the character oh and let's not forget that bit in the post-credits scene where we see the agent stone infiltrating gunn to be part of the aftermath search party he's obviously there to help his master see that's what we were saying about narrative clues that scene totally tells us that robotnik will be back for sonic 3. that's only a paramount can convince jim carrey the actor who plays robotnik to be part of just one more movie after the actor decided to retire from acting he's a long distance lawyer in the post-credits scene they name drop project shadow and this involves a big and convoluted piece of history in sonic's lore this is basically a top secret project run by the united federation as part of a medical research team that had the goal of achieving immortality and finding effective treatment for some incurable diseases sounds crazy doesn't it this project was led by professor gerald robotnik dr eggman's grandfather and resulted in the engineering of two immortal creatures a first prototype called the biolizard and the perfected final product shadow the hedgehog eventually this project caused the deaths of both professor robotnik and his daughter maria eggman's cousin it was finally shut down by the military for being considered too dangerous or so everybody thought if we got to see the history project shadow in sonic 3 maybe we'll see how someone kept the project going in their search for power or maybe we'll see eggman discovering his grandfather's steps and attempting to continue his legacy well that's if jim carrey decides to go back for a final movie we can't beat robotnik as long as he's got that emerald he's too powerful last but certainly not least since this is the biggest clue for a sequel and the most exciting piece of footage we have seen in all of the sonic sega so far we got to see shadow in person or in hedgehog you get it the aberration of shadow of the hedgehog could lead to the event known as the black arms invasion you see in the video games project shadow was conducted over 50 years before the events of the invasion of earth by an alien race called the black arms and you remember that people from gun said in sonic 2's post credit scene right a file very deep in our system and dating back over 50 years do you see the connection if we put the pieces together according to the black arms story the infamous black comet gets close to earth every 50 years so the timeline checks out if this was started 50 years ago maybe the black comet was here before and that's when professor robotnik obtained a blood sample from an alien called black doom to create shadow the hedgehog yeah things are going to get dark and complicated they choose to adapt this storyline growing up i didn't have any friends everyone in my village thought my two tales were weird we really loved these sonic the hedgehog movies and can't really wait to see the next one let's hope jim carrey stays around a bit longer to at least gift us with the full sonic trilogy we have our hopes in you mr carrie anyways that's all for today's video check the rest from our channel for more content about your favorite animated movies and of course don't forget to like this video subscribe to our channel and turn your notifications on by hitting that little bell if you want to keep receiving awesome stuff like this bye ah it's gonna be back in blue the golden god thing was fun but blue has always been more my color looks good on you
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Caption : Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Extended Preview (2022) | Fandango Family
Desc: Check out a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Official Movie Clip starring Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey! ► Watch Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Vudu: {link} Want to be notified of all the latest movie trailers? Subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to stay up to date. Starring: James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Idris Elba Directed By: Jeff Fowler Synopsis: The world's favorite blue hedgehog is back for a next-level adventure in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2. After settling in Green Hills, Sonic is eager to prove he has what it takes to be a true hero. His test comes when Dr. Robotnik returns, this time with a new partner, Knuckles, in search for an emerald that has the power to destroy civilizations. Sonic teams up with his own sidekick, Tails, and together they embark on a globe-trotting journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands. Watch More: ► Trailers: {link} ► Animated Movie Clips: {link} ► Animated TV Clips: {link} ► Moms Movie Minute: {link} Join the Fandango Family: ► Subscribe to FAMILY: {link} ► Watch Movieclips ORIGINALS: {link} ► Like us on FACEBOOK: {link} ► Follow us on TWITTER: {link} ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM: {link} FANDANGO FAMILY helps you find family-friendly trailers, clips and featurettes that are perfect for all ages to enjoy. Want more? Check out our one-stop movie resource for moms and dads. Discover new movies for your kids, read parent-approved movie reviews, enjoy movie themed crafts + a whole lot more! {link} #Sonic2 #SonictheHedgehog2
CC: oh blackout [Music] oh sorry buddy everything's okay uh excuse me we did not order a poltergeist um if this is the pizza guy this is really unprofessional [Music] eggman hello hedgehog did you miss me i don't know how you got back but you made a big mistake coming here oh contrermo the mistake was thinking you'd won but that was just a prelude an hors d'oeuvre and a party and a moose bush i get it i don't think you do but you're about to and so will that idiot sheriff and his wife and your little dog too [Music] beautiful oh what who are you where are my manners sonic meet knuckles my new bffae bestest friend forever and ever look robotnik i don't care who you brought to help you you're never going to get my power do i look like i need your power so nice when diabolical evil lives up to the hype where is it oh you want it here it comes i was expecting more of you you're unskilled untrained and unworthy you forgot one unstoppable [Music] oh it is my destiny to do what my ancestors could not to restore the ultimate power to the home of my people uh ultimate power i don't know what you're talking about you've got the wrong guy ultimate power now you speaking my language don't play dumb with me apprentice of long flaw you knew claw long clawed her people were the sworn enemy of my tribe the echidna we fought and died at their hands and now you will die in my [Music] come on get in i'm on your side i'm sorry who are you you know what it doesn't matter is make sure to get your shots egg man [Music] wow okay let me just say it is an honor to finally meet you sonic is it okay if i call you sonic everyone calls me tails you're probably wondering why let me guess because of the extra tail that's right i should have known you'd get that cool also what is going on robotnik's back and who is clifford the big red rage monster that's knuckles the last of the echidnas and the most dangerous warrior in the galaxy he's obsessed with finding the master emerald are you serious the master emerald that's just a bedtime story well he believes it's real and he must think you're the key to finding it red light red light give me the wheel hey where are you move your foot [Applause] oh i think we lost him we did not lose him we definitely did not lose him [Applause] i got an idea do you trust me of course not i literally just met you what are you doing [Music] [Music] we're flying uh did your butt just turn into a helicopter a quadcopter oh only sonic the hedgehog could come up with something like that foxy moves want something done right you have to hire someone you can push around
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